5P your video training series

Everybody is creating video trainings these days. You want to aim higher and stand out. You plan to create new training series on a regular base for your high-end branded academy. You value high quality, both when it comes to audiovisual production as when it comes to instructional design and your choice of content experts.

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For your new series of video trainings you want to collaborate with different experts. You need an effective way to guide and instruct these experts so that your online academy does not become a mixture of styles and approaches. You need a customized format and a visual representation that meets your brand guidelines. Moreover, some of these experts are inexperienced when it comes to recording in professional studio.


STEP 1: Intake session
In a live call we discuss your objectives, needs, approach and timeline.

STEP 2: Training format & template development
Based on your input we design the most appropriate format for your trainings. Based on your brand guidelines, we develop the PowerPoint template all experts will be using.

STEP 3: Experts prepare structure
The experts first define the learning objectives and then create the content structure. We provide clear guidelines, coaching and feedback to help prepare as effectively as possible.

STEP 4: Experts prepare visuals
Only when structure and interaction is optimized, experts can start to develop the slides using the PowerPoint template. Experts get continuous support, coaching and feedback.

STEP 5: Final check on preps
In a live call we discuss the final optimizations of the visuals before recording. Experts are given tips and tricks on presenting in professional studio.

STEP 6: Recording in studio
Every expert records his training videos in professional studio. The director makes a live mix  with cameraview and Powerpoint view. Thus the videos finalized the videos on the spot.

STEP 7: Publishing
All training videos are published on the chosen media hosting servers.

STEP 8: Subtitling
The videos are manually transcribed and subtitled in the spoken language. Subtitles can also be translated and provided in 70+ world languages.

STEP 9: Add the audio files
You can also get the audio files of your video trainings. As audio trainings are on the rise, we recommend you to integrate these in your online academy.


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