Interactive Flipbook

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The 3 months QP Quest mentoring program supports Impact Entrepreneurs like you,
if you choose to:

  • create a sustainable impact with your business project(s)
  • connect and co-create with likeminded professionals and Impact Entrepreneurs
  • commit to take full ownership of your life and your Impact business(es)
  • communicate in an authentic way
  • care for people and planet


You want to engage with your online audience through a professional looking brochure or e-book.

You can integrate a static pdf on your website or you can mail a pdf to your contacts. This is not the best way to impress. You probably won't be noticed and the engagement will be low.

With a flipbook you have an online solution where people are given the experience as flipping through a real paper book. Your brochure or e-book will be noticed. On top of that you can integrate links and media to make it an even more remarkable experience.


FlipBook Virtual Assistance
FlipBook Habitarmonia



STEP 1: Preparation session
In a live call we discuss your needs, approach, and timeline as well as the draft structure of your brochure or e-book. You get immediate access to an online mini-training on how to prepare your content input.

STEP 2: Content input
You deliver all content. Text as well as photos, videos, or other media.
If you like to have the FlipBook in your own look & feel, we need font, brand colors and logo.

STEP 3: First design
Based on your input, we make the first design of your brochure/e-book.

STEP 4: Feedback and finalization
You give us your feedback on the first design. You share what you like and what needs adjusting. We finalize the design according to your feedback.

STEP 5: Publish Flipbook
We host and publish the flipbook. You receive the pdf-version as well as the code that you can embed on your own website.


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