How to start-up your micro-society

Sep 13, 2023 | Uncategorized

How to start-up your micro-society

More and more people are feeling the call to live in a self-sufficient eco-village with like-minded people. Where children can attend a school where they can develop their talents, social  and entrepreneurial skills. Where families can live in a healthy home and in harmony with nature. Where there is fresh drinking water and a farm where natural food is grown. In short, an environment where people can thrive, where people can create, connect and care. 

However starting-up such a micro-society can be a challenging endeavor.  
It all starts with a good project plan that allows you to go with the flow.  
Here are some tips and resources to get you started.

1/ Set your intention and purpose

It’s important to have a clear practical and detailed vision for the project you want to create, including its purpose, values, and goals.

2/ Know your numbers

Develop a financial plan so you can get started and pay the bills. Implement strategies to create recurring income streams for the society.

3/ Communicate your story

Communicate about your project and activities. Share your learnings with others and learn from people who have already done it. 

4/ Connect with partners

Partner with like-minded entrepreneurs who share a common vision and values for the society. Develop a core team who want to take the lead, take action and commit to make it happen. 

5/ Respect the law

Make sure you know and respect national and international laws and guidelines. Have a legal structure to protect yourself and your society.

Get started with your plan

Explore and learn how we are creating a micro-society network. 
Check out the free online video training to get started.


Sandra De Milliano 

Thank you for sharing this post to anyone who could benefit from it.
Let’s make an unstoppable positive impact on society.
Let’s create, connect and care.


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