How to design your converting website?

Many websites are nothing more than online information pages about a person, product or company. A direct link you can give to your connections instead of a printed brochure. If that’s what you want and what you need, that’s fine.  

You can also choose to use your website as a strategic tool. Some possible business outcomes are lead generation, sales, crowdsourcing, expert branding, making impact, building long-term relationships and so on.  

Depending on your desired outcomes your website might be adjusted and optimised as you grow. Step by step. Here are some basic elements for a strategic website. 

Free product 

A business can only exist if it creates value. The product or service must satisfy a need of the customer or solve a problem for the customer. If you know what this need or problem is then you can create a free information product about this topic. This is the foundation of your automated lead generation system.


It starts with creating a business plan but not just any business plan. We work with the QP business manifestation canvas, QP Canvas for short.  We start from the intention to make a positive impact in society. We then translate this into a concrete product and sales strategy. The numbers are an indispensable part that clarify at a glance what the next practical step can be and what is needed to make the project financially feasible. 

Social proof 

Show how your product has helped other clients. You can create case studies or use client testimonials. You can be as creative as you like. Make a magazine, do a podcast, do a live webinar interview. If a client voices on video, it is always more credible than if you say it. If you are a member of a credible organization, adding this on your website will add to your credibility as well. 

Paid product  

It goes without saying that you need a paid product or service. Make sure you focus on the benefits of the product first. Then possibly the technical features. If it is a low priced product you can have a full product page including pricing. If it is a higher priced product make it easy for people to connect with you and get more information. Make a customer friendly funnel. Effective follow-up and communication is key to make a happy customer. 

About us 

Explain why you do what you do. What is your purpose, what are your values. What is the impact you want to make for your customer and for society? Tell the founding story but make it relevant. Be transparent about who the founders are, the management team. Make it personal with photos. 


Make it possible for your visitors to leave their contact details and connect with you. Mention your adress and (local) phone number. You might want to give different options to connect with you like mail, phone, video message, chat. Take into account the communication style of your target audience.  

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

List all the questions that people ask you. What do they want to know about the product or service, about the company, about the delivery and after-sales? Categorize those questions and list the questions and answers on your website in the FAQ section. Include questions that highlight your unique selling points and company dna. the FAQ does not have to be on a separate page. It can be spread across different pages where the questions are most relevant 

Converting pages 

A converting website has much more pages than those that are visible through the menu. The website hides multiple processes, multiple funnels, linked to forms, emails and hidden pages. These processes are the beating heart of the website. These ensure that the website achieves the strategic purpose for which it was built. 

Make your website work for you 

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