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Nuria Munoz Arce – Habitarmonia 

Our Success

We are grateful to have QuantumPreneur as a trusted partner, helping us achieve our entrepreneurial goals and contribute to purposeful projects. We have developed a solid business plan for Habitarmonia Academy, effectively communicated our unique story, connected with strategic partners, secured funding, cultivated a talented team, constructed efficient systems, and converted resources into recurring revenue streams. The QuantumPreneur mentoring and collaboration have played a significant role in our success. 

Kris Tremmery​ –
blockchain entrepreneur

Fantastic initiative!

What a fantastic initiative! For those who don’t know Sandra yet, she is one of the most skilled visionaries in the Benelux! She has made me realize even more than others that THE solution to our current economic condition is constructive cooperation! What she offers here is really never seen before.
A platform
to bring entrepreneurs and investors together and co-create projects that make impact! I am already curious to see what success stories will come out of this…”

Erik Dielen – entrepreneur and author

Sharing is key

“This initiative is contemporary. The purpose of co-creating a project with several people together is also my favorite. These businesses will build the new economies where sharing is key. Sandra has a perfect feel for this and goes all the way to make it happen.”

Jean Van Der Biest – mentor

Long-term vision

Sandra has a strong long-term vision and has recently been working very hard on visionary projects that will soon attract strong international attention due to their high social impact.  

Truly something to look forward to.  

Sonja Van Bouchaute – NLP trainer and coach

Thank you!

“I am overjoyed about the final result of my book. How ready knowledge through a few exercises can turn into a book, an e-book and who knows what else…. That is a whole new world to me …

Without Sandra’s intensive coaching & empowering I would never have taken that step. Thank you!”

Miriam Levenson – bilingual translator 


Wow! This training was waaay better than the others I have taken. I finally had the feeling that I was getting my money’s worth. Sandra was well-prepared, the workshop was a great balance between accessible, down-to-basics information, hands-on film production and a very strategic, results-oriented take on communication planning.

I am already looking forward to taking another workshop with Sandra!  

Mic Adam – Social Sales Expert 

Sandra made it easy

I worked with Sandra on a number of video’s. What looked like a huge mountain to climb, Sandra made it easy. she broke it down into easy pieces, worked with me on the content and the recordings and produced results that are great. A dozen video’s that I can use for lead generation, visibility creation and promotion.

She is also a true networker and sharer of knowledge. So glad she is part of my network.

Meet the team

Christiaan Baan

Founding manager

Celia Trolliet

Project Manager

Marinus Behrens

Digital Manager

Tim De Bleser

Audiovisual Manager

Sandra De Milliano


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Connect to your customer with valuable content

Connect to your customer with valuable content

Many Impact Entrepreneurs enjoy being creative. As such, they like to put a lot of time, money and energy, into content production. Unfortunately, this content rarely delivers the hoped-for results. With the right content strategy, you can convert potential customers into loyal ambassadors.

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Build your loyal and flexible team

Build your loyal and flexible team

If you want to grow your Impact Project, you will need to build your team. Working with freelancers or outsourcing is a flexible way to start. But if you want people to stick around, you will need to create an inspiring work environment. People crave meaningful work where they have the space to contribute, can be creative and take pride in their work. Here are some things you can keep in mind when building a flexible and loyal team of experts that will grow with you every step of the way.

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Private Equity, opportunity or challenge?

Private Equity, opportunity or challenge?

You are not taken seriously as an investor until you are also in Private Equity. Private Equity is nothing more or less than shares in a company that is not publicly listed. Unfortunately, Private Equity has acquired a bad connotation due to certain unethical practices. But it can be done differently, with a win-win-win intention. That way, Impact Entrepreneur and Impact Investor develop a lasting partnership that benefits all parties.

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Sales is easier than you think

Sales is easier than you think

When I ask Impact Entrepreneurs about their biggest challenge, the answer is often ‘sales’. They invest a lot of time in social media and the number of followers on their channels. Nice, but not very effective in the early stages. Getting followers and generating sales are two different strategies. To bring in your first customers, you don’t even need a website. All you need to do is organize sales meetings and make follow-up calls.

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Make profit with Impact Investing

Make profit with Impact Investing

In 2012 I decided to create more freedom for myself and my family. So I handed over my business. I sold my house. I set up passive income streams. Then came the ultimate question: What is the best way to manage this money now? On the one hand, I wanted to secure my money for the future. I wanted to make a nice return so that at least purchasing power would be preserved. On the other hand, I also wanted something useful to happen with the money. Something that would lead to a sustainable change for the better. This is how I came in touch with Impact Investing.

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Get funding for your social business

Get funding for your social business

We regularly receive requests from social projects asking for our help with funding. When I inquire about the figures, I receive an extensive excel sheet with all expected expenses and costs. But I rarely find anything about the expected income. Yet it’s simple, you don’t have a sustainable project if there is no money coming in. You need to create a social business. Here are some income and funding strategies that can provide a solution.

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