Happy Impact Year 2024

A long time ago in Bethlehem a little boychild was born. Now, more than 2000 years later millions of people all over the world are celebrating his birth. It shows that a person can have a huge impact. There are more examples of this in our history. For example, Harry Belafonte, who passed away in April this year. He was a well-known singer, but also an early member of the civil rights movement. He used his fame to change the world for the better.


Also at QuantumPreneur, we are driven to connect and create impact together for a better world.
But we don’t do that alone. A lot of people are involved before and behind the scenes to make it all possible.

There is no better time than the end of the year to spotlight and thank them all for their endless enthusiasm and commitment:


The QuantumPreneur team

These amazing people have once again outdone themselves to make both our world and this world a better place.


The experts in our Co-Creation Circles

In particular, we want to highlight the Impact Finance Co-Creation Circle. Their newest out-of-the-box funding solution is a true game changer allowing flexible win-win-win financing for Impact Projects.


The Impact Investors and Impact Lenders.

Our growing network of investors, funders and lenders make it possible to raise the much-needed funds for our projects and operations.


The Impact Projects

Ultimately, our Impact Entrepreneurs are creating the ripple impact through their businesses and projects. We feel honored to mentor and guide these driven entrepreneurs during their QuantumPreneur Quest.


Supporters behind the scenes

Last but not least, our partners, family, friends, followers, visible and invisible helpers who continue to support us to manifest our ambitious vision: co-creating a thriving society with connection and care.


A big thank you to all.

Looking back, it seems unreal, the Quantum progress we have made. Yet this only feels like the beginning. In January, we welcome new Impact Projects, as well as new opportunities for lenders and investors. We will be happy to tell you more about this in another blog. For now, we wish everyone happy holidays and a thriving Impact year.


Let’s connect

Do you like to hear more about our Impact Projects and Impact Lending opportunities?

You are most welcome to join us in a free Connection Call where we exchange experience and expertise with likeminded Impact Entrepreneurs and Impact Investors.

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