Meet the core team

Sandra De Milliano


Hi, I’m Sandra.
I love to connect with like minded Impact Entrepreneurs and Impact Investors.
I enjoy co-creating projects that make a sustainable difference.
I am Belgian and I love living in Costa Rica.
My purpose is to inspire by sharing experience and expertise.

Celia Trolliet

Project Manager

Hi, I’m Célia.
I love to work with entrepreneurs and contribute behind the scenes of their business.
I enjoy meeting inspiring people and be part of projects with a positive impact.
I am French and I love traveling the world.
My purpose is to propose administrative support solutions for QuantumPreneurs.

Christiaan Baan

Founding manager

Hi, I’m Christiaan.
I love people, music, stories and numbers.
I enjoy helping quantumpreneurs evolving their business by creating more awareness, structure and connection.
I am Dutch and live in Veenendaal. I plan on living in a micro society soon. Also dreaming on going to live in Portugal.
My purpose is to build an ecosystem of like minded people who want to create a world where we peacefully share spaces with each other and nature.

Marinus Behrens

Digital Manager

Hi, I’m Marinus.
I love to bring a smile into the world. My work as a graphic designer is focused on creating and building brands or identities and bring light into projects. 
I enjoy dancing (Biodanza) and singing (in choir or sometimes solo)
I am Dutch and I live in Tiel – (the Betuwe is famous of the apples and peers 😊).
My purpose is to offer future quantumpreneurs creative design solutions that will add purposeful value to they’re brand, projects and organization.

Tim De Bleser

Audiovisual Manager

Hi, I’m Tim.
I love to make a positive impact with my media productions.
I enjoy helping people to tell their story in front of the camera both in the field and in studio.
I am Belgian and I live in Ghent.
My purpose is to help Impact Makers to inspire with a webcast, training video, podcast or interactive media book.