Welcome to the QuantumPreneur Quest

For who?

for entrepreneurs who want to create more sustainable impact with their business project while building a self-sustainable lifestyle

After this intensive program: 

  • you create more value and impact with your business by doing less 
  • you have a sustainable win-win-win system that keeps generating income streams 
  • you connect with an international network of likeminded friends, clients and partners 
  • you create funding for your projects and those of others 
  • you feel in flow and fulfilled
  • you create international business and lifestyle opportunities for you and for others
  • you make your money work for you and for society 

This mentoring program is for you when you want to 

  • grow your sustainable business project
  • create impact in a win-win-win way, for the better of society
  • do it together and connect with likeminded partners, entrepreneurs and investors
  • take full ownership of your life and your business
  • spread risk and explore international opportunities
  • feel truly fulfilled and in flow
  • co-create a new society where families can thrive
  • grow as an Impact Entrepreneur and an Impact Investor

In this mentoring program:

  • Module 1: Create your Business Manifestation Canvas 
  • Module 2: Communicate your story 
  • Module 3: Connect with partners and investors 
  • Module 4: Collect funding 
  • Module 5: Cultivate and coach your team  
  • Module 6: Construct your scalable system and online product 
  • Module 7: Convert to income generating assets and ressources 
  • Module 8: Continue growing your impact by sharing experience and expertise
  • Module 9: Contribute to new projects 

Join us on the QP Quest

Nuria Munoz Arce – Habitarmonia 

Our Success

We are grateful to have QuantumPreneur as a trusted partner, helping us achieve our entrepreneurial goals and contribute to purposeful projects. We have developed a solid business plan for Habitarmonia Academy, effectively communicated our unique story, connected with strategic partners, secured funding, cultivated a talented team, constructed efficient systems, and converted resources into recurring revenue streams. The QuantumPreneur mentoring and collaboration have played a significant role in our success. 

Hester van Bergeijk​ –
Schreuders Bloemen

Fantastic initiative!

“I got this golden tip to contact Christiaan to support me during the huge change of my business. I needed someone with a thorough knowledge of finance and an all-round knowledge of entrepreneurship. Someone who sees challenges, but also opportunities. Christiaan guided me through many processes to actually implement the change. Without the sounding board, I would not have succeeded. When the days seemed full of obstacles, I could call him and we would talk for half an hour. That was how I was able to move mountains towards total change. I also needed to grow as an entrepreneur. Christiaan helped me tremendously with that. He coached me as an entrepreneur and as a human being. I can highly recommend Christiaan’s expertise in the financial market but also in coaching during such a process!”


Your mentors on your QuantumPreneur Quest will be 

Christiaan Baan has a banking background and has worked as an employee or on secondment at major banks such as ING Bank, Fortis Bank, ABN AMRO, Deutsche Bank and FGH. His strength lies in business analysis in both numerical and strategic areas. In the past 15 years as a self-employed entrepreneur he has supported many entrepreneurs in difficult situations to establish a successful business again. 

Christiaan Baan

Sandra De Milliano is a seasoned entrepreneur starting-up and scaling-up companies especially in the media and business service industry. In the year 2000 she was one of the pioneers starting up a new television channel with a focus on uplifting and positive storytelling and documentaries. Simultaneously she set up a consulting & training company specialized in purposeful innovation and transformation.

Sandra De Milliano


What mentoring program is for me?

There are 3 mentoring programs for entrepreneurs: Impact Creator, Impact Connector and Impact Communicator.  

When starting-up a new project the Impact Creator program is the best choice for you. This program includes the 3 first modules: Module 1: Create your Business Manifestation Canvas, Module 2: Communicate your story, Module 3: Connect with partners and investors 

I am an experienced entrepreneur, can I immediately start with Impact Connector?

As we have a very unique approach and tool set, it is often better to start with Impact Creator. This way you are properly introduced to the QuantumPreneur models and approach.

An experienced entrepreneur might proceed faster and that is perfectly allright. The program is designed to be flexible and personalized with mentoring and customized exercises as we go. 


I want to write a book and become a speaker, can I directly join the Impact Communicator?

The Impact Communicator is for you when you are financially free and you can free the time you need for writing your book, for doing public speaking engagements and for contributing to new purposeful projects. 


When does the program start?

Our master mentors are practicing what they preach and are leading multiple purposeful projects. That’s why we currently start only 1 group per year per program. If you are interested, do join the waiting list and you will be the first to hear about the start of the next sessions.  


How long does the program take?

The full 1 year intensive program combines Impact Creator, Impact Connector and Impact Communicator. You can also choose to do 1 program per year and start with Impact Creator which is a 3 months program. 

When are the live sessions?

The dates of the live sessions will be published when we start a new year program.  

What is the price?

When you sign-up for our waiting list, you will receive a special VIP offer. You’ll get exclusive access to unbeatable terms and valuable extras.  

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There is so much more in life than being busy with your own business project. 

You can be an Impact Entrepreneur, creating a business system that works for you. A business that gives you fulfillment because you know you are creating a win-win-win ripple effect at the same time.  

You can be an Impact Investor, creating different passive income streams while supporting other entrepreneurs to make a difference.

You can be an Impact Mentor and co-create the thriving society of the future. You can share your experience and expertise, write a book, co-produce a training or be a keynote speaker.

Let us show you how. 


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