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  • Do you wonder how you can safeguard your purchasing power while supporting Impact projects?
  • Are you looking for a way to lend your money and get an amazing financial return?
  • Do you want to make your money work for you and generate a recurring income?  


Let us show you how.

Win-win-win Crowdlending

Our QP Crowdlending formules are an amazing example of what is possible when you connect and co-create with likeminded high level partners. This way we can offer an exclusive solution creating a win-win-win impact. Win for the Crowdlender, win for the project and its stakeholders and win for society.  


As a crowdlender, you get a great return while minimizing your risk and maximizing your social impact. We are highly selective in choosing projects and we partner with AAA-rated institutional parties. This way, both your capital and your return are optimized while risk is minimized. On top of that you become a member of the QP Impact Club. This keeps you up to date on supported projects, gives you priority for new (business) opportunities and you are invited to join inspiring events with like-minded Impact Makers. 


A successful Impact Project needs a sustainable strategy, a network and funding. With this and much more, we support the selected projects throughout the entire process. This ensures value is created for all stakeholders. 


Ultimately, your crowdlending, through the social business projects, creates a ripple impact and makes a difference to your community, your region, your country or even the world. 

Choose your formule

If you want to try it out. We recommend you start with the Crowdlending Starter Formula. You lend us €10,000. You get a monthly repayment and you get 9% interest on the outstanding principal. No hidden fees at all. 

We are always looking for a win-win-win. That’s why we like to consider your personal needs as a lender. Maybe you want to create a recurring income and receive a monthly payment. Maybe you want to set your money aside for a few years, let it accumulate and get it back later. Everything is customizable from a principal of €100,000. As an option you can choose to take an inflation insurance to safeguard your purchasing power. 




Crowdlending Customized 

Min. amount  € 1  € 10.000   € 100.000 
Yearly interest     9%  customized 
Period    3 years  customized 
Repayments    € 318 per month  customzed 
Inflation insurance      customized 
QP Impact Club membership   Bronze Membership
1 year 
Silver Membership
3 years 
Gold Membership
for loan period 
Intake, entry or exit fees       


Frequently asked questions

What's the intake process?

If you choose to crowdlend we initiate a KYC check. After a positive advice you will receive the contract proposal from us containing all information, agreements and the table showing the periodic interest and repayments. 

To ensure that everything is done correctly and clearly, we work together with a notary or lawyer. When the notary or lawyer has received all documents signed, you will receive the bank account where you will deposit the agreed amount. Subsequently the notary or lawyer will ensure that you receive the agreed amounts on the agreed accounts at the agreed times.  

What if I want to lend 15.000 €?

If you want to lend 15.000 € or another amount between 10.000 € and 100.000 €, you can benefit from the same conditions as the Starter formule. In the proposal your interest and repayments will be calculated accordingly.  We invite you to join a connection call or contact us to explore the possibilities.

What happens if the project can not pay off the loan?

All projects go through a rigorous selection process before being considered. Then the projects are closely monitored and supervised, so the success rate of the projects is very high. But actually, that makes no difference to the repayment of capital and returns. We work with AAA-rated institutional parties, the highest possible credit rating. These ensure that capital and returns are repaid as agreed. We believe that in this way we have virtually eliminated all possible risks and negative consequences. Despite our efforts, it is possible that events beyond our control may affect what has been described or agreed upon. Therefore, by law, we can never guarantee 100% certainty. 

Can I propose a project?

Sure, we welcome new purposeful projects. However not every project meets our criteria. A project should be value driven, create a win-win-win for all parties involved, be scalable for more positive impact, be regenerative and sustainable, be designed to last and grow for a long time. If we feel like your project has potential, you will be invited to participate in the mentoring program. An Impact Mentor will then help you to meet these high standards.
If you would like to present your project, we invite you to join a connection call or contact us  to explore the possibilities.

What about taxes and taxation?

We work with local lawyers and notaries to ensure compliance with local tax laws. As an example legislation is different in Belgium and the Netherlands. Therefore Belgian Crowdlenders contract with our Belgian subsidiary QP Impact BE and Dutch Crowdlenders with our Dutch subsidiary QP Impact NL. 

Belgium: We are required by law to calculate taxes at the appropriate rate and withheld this from the interest due. The Crowdlender so receives the intrest after taxes. We make sure that this tax is paid directly to the tax office in Belgium.

The Netherlands: There is no withholding tax in the Netherlands. The agreed interest is paid in full to the lender. The loan must be declared by the private Crowdlender himself in his income tax return. QP Impact NL does not actively send data to the tax authorities. 

What if I prefer not to receive monthly payments?

You can choose not to have monthly repayments and to accumulate instead. The Win-Win-Win Crowdlending formula can be customized with different amounts, maturities or repayments. Different combinations obviously give different returns. These are easily calculated and provided upon request. For all customizations, schedule a call to run through the options.

How is the intrest calculated in case of repayments?

In the brochure you can find the calculation as well as the detailed amortization table. Just leave your email adress below and you will receive the brochure in your mail box.  

Let's make a sustainable impact

Jean Van Der Biest – mentor

Long-term vision

Sandra has a strong long-term vision and has recently been working very hard on visionary projects that will soon attract strong international attention due to their high social impact.  

Truly something to look forward to.  

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