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I get goosebumps when I hear your story. This is so inspiring. Wonder how you are not on every stage? You have a story. You look good. You know how to present it. How come I don’t know you? I was asked this question recently during an online Connection Call. Yes, why? Certainly, there are plenty of reasons why I should share my story.



I’ve been there a few times before. A new brand, a new story, a new campaign. Live studio webinars, presenting on stage, writing blogs, book releases, podcast interviews and magazines, … I know how to make sure that a brand gets exposure in the right niche. When this is done in a thoughtful way, there are many benefits for the business.


1. Your story is differentiating

Your story is unique. Your product or service may be similar to what other providers offer. But your story is always different from the story of others. When you make it personal, share your values and your why, others can really get to know you and connect with you. It certainly doesn’t always have to be mass communication. A personal video message is also very effective in unlocking new opportunities.


2. You want to inspire others

As a former executive editor, I found it very frustrating that positive stories got so little coverage in traditional media. As soon as it was technically possible, I started using social media to spread more inspiring stories. It became my mission to also support driven Impact Entrepreneurs to tell and spread their stories. I wanted to inspire, not only with my own story but also by producing the inspiring stories of others.


3. You and your brand gain authority and credibility

In my first book, I wrote about my experience with self-leadership. This made it into the press. The article caught the attention of a professor at the Vlerick International Business School. Before I knew it, I was a guest lecturer at several business schools. Years later, I wrote a book on how to use online media effectively in learning programs. This launched my former business as the ultimate online learning expert, in Learning & Development circles.


4. You reach more people

The more visible you are, the more people can get to know you. Being present on the right media, in the right way, at the right time, is very powerful and can help you reach the right people. Podcasts and video programs, for example, are always looking for interesting speakers. This is an easy way to quickly expand your network.


5. People will come to you

With the right story, the right audience will be drawn to contact you. Both online and offline. When I used to go to L&D networking events, people recognized me from afar. They approached me, introduced themselves, came to talk to me or ask for advice. I must say, that made networking events much more enjoyable for me.


6. It can be an additional source of income

You can choose to create a scalable product and go international. Often it starts with a book, self-written or written by a ghost writer. This can be the outline for an interactive media book, live events, an online membership program, an interactive video training program, an audiobook, a mixed reality app, keynote presentations … even live hologram presentations on stage. There are endless possibilities with today’s technology.


7. You want to pass on knowledge and experience

It’s such a shame when life lessons are lost. More and more I hear of people in retirement homes being interviewed to preserve their stories for the next generation. It is deeply human to want to share your story, to want to pass on experience and expertise. In the QP Quest, you also see this reflected in the sustain-up phase. When successful Impact Entrepreneurs and Impact Investors inspire and support young Impact Projects with valuable knowledge and experience.



Everyone has several good stories and is capable of telling them. Anyone can look good on video. Professional filming involves styling and make-up. This works wonders ;-). So, you too have a good story. You look good. You can explain it well. So why don’t I know you (yet)? Here are some possible reasons.


1. Unawareness

You are not aware of your story. You are not aware of the value of your experience and expertise. You don’t realize that with that, you can impact and help others in a positive way.


2. Different target audience

Maybe your story is very inspiring and useful for a certain audience. But maybe I don’t belong to that target group, so I missed your story.


3. Missing information

Maybe the story you want to communicate is not yet complete. Maybe negotiations with partners are still ongoing. Maybe there are still things that can change or are unclear.


4. Learning the new skill

To be visible and to tell your story in an inspiring way, is a skill that everybody can learn. With some hands-on guidelines and some practice, you can make a world of difference. Believe me, I have helped thousands of people to do so.


5. Protecting yourself and others

You don’t want to embarrass yourself or others involved. You also don’t want to get anyone in trouble. Unfortunately, censorship is on the rise. In this context, expressing yourself freely becomes increasingly challenging.


6. Need for organization

When you begin to share your story, you can expect reactions and questions. How will you make sure these are addressed and answered? Perhaps the foundation of your organization is not yet in place to handle this smoothly.


7. Lack of resources

Maybe you think that you don’t have the time, the budget, the crew or any other resource you think you might need. It’s just an excuse. Remember the blog about Quantum Thinking.  If you want it to happen, there is always a solution.


Let’s go back to the Connection Call this week and my conversation partner’s question, ‘How come I don’t know you?’ In this case, the main reasons are undoubtedly points 2 and 3. It was about a project that is not yet complete. Even though I am very excited about it, it looks very promising and I would like to tell everyone who wants to hear about it. I realize it is better to wait a little longer before I start communicating. In a few weeks I’m sure I’ll be able to tell you more.


Whether you are communicating live on a stage, doing a presentation on camera, writing a book or communicating one-on-one. Clear and authentic communication is fundamental to connecting and building healthy lasting relationships.

Practice makes perfect. So I’d love to invite you to tell your story during an upcoming live Connection Call. An overview with all the dates of our online meetings can be found on the website,


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