are purpose and value driven

create a win-win-win for all parties involved

are scalable for more positive impact

are regenerative and sustainable

are designed to continue to exist and grow for a long time.

Some examples 

Micro-Society Pilote: co-creating a natural environment where pioneering families can thrive, live, learn and work in a self-sufficient way 

PanPodia Publishing: producing and publishing innovative media for and by purposeful change thinkers and change makers

Tejiendo Futuros: empowering entrepreneurs to create a selfsustainable and ecological community in Guatemala including school and ecofarm

Green Ship Recycling Yard: designing an environment friendly ‘dismantling and recycling street’ for marine vessels with concern for safe and proper working conditions.

Healthy House concept: developing a residential property in which nature, health and flexibility are the guiding principles.

QP College: organizing a flexible, talent-oriented education system for future  entrepreneurs and innovators.










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