I am a co-creator at heart and always looking for new purposeful business projects. Regularly I have conversations with entrepreneurs, also solo entrepreneurs, all people with a vision or an idea. They want to put their idea into the world and need help in one form or another.

When I ask them the number 1 reason why they come to me, I often hear the following: I don’t like doing everything alone, I want to collaborate with people.

But does that mean they alo want to co-create? I believe that collaboration and co-creation are two very different things.

Do you want to co-create or collaborate?

What is co-creation about?

Well, it’s about a number of likeminded, conscious partners who join forces. There is a vision, a mission and a practical outcome that is shared. The input and opinion of every partner is equally valued. Every partner is aligned, feels connected to the project and is commited to bring the project successfully into the world. The energy is positive and confident, there is a win-win-win for all partners involved. My experience is that when partners decide to really co-create, the project outcome becomes way better. 1+1+1 is way more then 3.

I notice that a lot of entrepreneurs say they want to co-create while they are only looking for people who want to carry out their idea. In my definition that is not co-creation, that is delegation.

Who’s idea is it?

Beginning entrepreneurs often think that their idea is special and unique. They are afraid that their idea will be ‘stolen’. In their perception the idea is theirs, it is their property. In this, unfortunately, I have to disagree. An idea is nothing if nothing is done with it. An idea is nothing but a frequency flying around in thin air until someone decides to do something with it. It is therefore rare for me to hear a new idea most ideas have already passed by in one form or another… or have even already been realized…

I’ve had many ideas in my life. One idea is about a new way of living, working and learning, with respect and in harmony with each other and nature? Is this idea my property? I don’t think so. There are many people longing for this. As a matter of fact there are many people already taking action. They start-up an ecovillage, set up an alternative schooling system or do podcasts with people that are not welcome in traditional media. This is a global movement and a lot is happening already. So I don’t believe you can claim an idea. But you can resonate with an idea.

An idea becomes a project

I very much resonate with the idea of co-creating a better world. To that extend that I can’t but take action and make things happen. I can’t help it, there is this inner drive in me to make a sustainable change. This has resulted in many purpose-driven projects. One of them being the Micro-Society Network. If I would claim the idea, claim the project. This project would never reach it’s full potential. This is not about me, this is way bigger then me. When co-creating with the right partners the Micro-Society Network will grow way faster and have way more impact than I could have ever imagined. Now we are co-creating with partners and have many fields of expertise that are combined such as education, media, bussiness, real estate, health, sustainable energy, farming, food production and so on.

The era of co-creation

The time of entrepreneurship from scarcity and competition thinking is over. It is time for a new type of entrepreneur, the entrepreneur who sets up purposeful projects in co-creation. An entrepreneur who co-creates, connects and cares. That’s QuantumPreneur.

Are you ready to co-create?

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